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This is a good time for pineal gland activation as well. Menstrual issues are also possible. Mercury and Venus are triggering the facial organs. This will make you zealous about your beauty.

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You will try to improve your vision. Stay away from harmful lights so that you can have a healthy vision. You will try to improve your dental health as well. This is a good time for plaque removal as well. You will have to take care of your nutrition as well. The Sun and Mars are triggering the personal life, head and cranium area as well. You need to slow down a little bit in physical as well as emotional activity. You will be fine once when these planets move out of this sector.

Virgo October Horoscope

The full moon will rise above the sector for ovaries, kidneys and lower half of the back, pelvic girdle, lumbar region, bladder, the lower part of the large intestine, inner sexual organs uterus, cervix, testicles, and prostate gland. All these organs will need a lot of care as the full moon indicates too much of watery influence. Menstrual issues are possible during this phase. Your kidneys need a lot of water so that it can get more nourishment. There can be some discomfort in the lower back, so you have to sit healthily. Your pelvic girdle also needs more care and focus.

The full moon will influence personal life and general health as well. There will be some or other reasons to be emotional. You should not get into any scandals. The moon will trigger the sector for head and cranium area during the week. Your personal life is also triggered during this week. Your happiness and peace are also important during this week. There can be some stress related to personal life and that may lead to minor issues like headache or cold, which will be the part of the transit.


All you have to do is be focused and have a healthy diet. Menstrual issues are also possible during this week. Your sexual desires also will be activated. Multiple planets are activating the head, cranium area, and general health. When multiple planets activate, then you will have multiple concerns.

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Each planet will be triggering different energies. The Sun will make you fiery and that can result in headaches. Mars will be making to act in a haste and that will be making you restless. You should stay away from all kind of scandals. Please try to solve your issues peacefully.

Your sexual organs also will get active with a powerful aspect. You need to take more rest as well.

The full moon will trigger the sector for health in general, lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, and kidneys. This also indicates challenges and stress.

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This is a complex time for your health. During this week, you may take up a new health plan. Birth colors for the sign are earth tones, ochre, orange and yellow. Other lucky colors considered are Grey, muted yellows, mushroom, blues, greens and brown.

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Flowers and plants corresponding to this sign are narcissi all small, colored flowers especially blue, yellow and all nuts. In body bowls or abdomen is the domain of this sign of Virgo. It chiefly corresponds with duodenum and peritoneum. Arteries associated are ones serving the digestive system, particularly the intestine. Intestinal veins correspond to Virgo sign. Positive Aspect of Virgo: Virgo native is hard working, always striving for perfection. Native is not prompt in reacting and is down-to-earth.

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Those in media will find this a promising period, especially in the final quarter. Even though I wud lay beside him and cry ,him knowing all of that still chose to do it and ignore me even when I was in tears. My wife return come back surrounding with my home return situations Like 0. We try not to get jealous and try look at the bigger picture. Remember Me.

Native is much careful about appearance and actions as well. Modesty and sincerity is the trait of this sign. Virgo Born is mentally agile, has good analytical skills and ability to pay attention to detail. Negative Aspect of Virgo: Negative aspects about the native of this sign are, being too much calculative, selfishness, anxiety, worry, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, discontent, criticism, skepticism, inconsistency, being indecisive, timidity, quick-tempered and low on self-confidence.

Special Tips: Native needs to remain level headed and refrain from overly anxious. The person needs to avoid being a skeptic and not brood over getting hurt.

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