Astrology capricorn february 24 2020

Capricorn 2020 Horoscope

Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username? Planet Venus is given high importance in the present times, as the world is attracted towards physical and materialistic pleasures and comforts, which are the factors represented by this planet. Mercury and Saturn are its friendly planets, whereas Sun and Moon are inimical with Venus. In order to appease this planet, one must touch the feet of younger girls and serve them. Along with that, you can follow the remedies to pacify this planet.

How Does Saturn (Shani) Planet affect?

In order to gain beneficial outcomes, you can wear Diamond or Opal to appease Venus. Along with this, establishing Shukra Yantra and wearing Sphatik mala can prove to be advantageous. In order to gain the blessings of Venus, one must respect women, as its strong placement in one;s kundli can take the natives to certain heights.

Planet Venus will transit on 15 December , Sunday, around evening from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and will remain posited here till 9 January , Thursday, around early in the morning. This event will affect the lives of the natives of all 12 zodiac signs. Read below:. Note: The horoscope is based on your Moon sign. To know your moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator. This Venus transit will take place in your tenth house of Karma and actions. In the period of transit, you will attain desired results within the workplace.

This transit will keep you active. During this time, you will work with sensibility and understanding and your way of working will impress your seniors. Any well wisher within your workplace may praise your work in the front of your senior officials. Time is good for you, which is why you need to behave nicely with others as well and avoid speaking ill of others. You will attain positive outcomes in familial life. If you were upset with a family member regarding something, then the time is right for you resolve your differences and start afresh. If you want to live in harmony, then you need to focus on your present.

There are chances of you striving towards progression with Venus transiting in this house. You will work extremely hard and luck will also favour you. Several natives of this sign are likely to get a promotion in this duration. You may go ahead and explore employment opportunities in case you feel you have been associated with the same organization for a long time and need to change.

Economic Condition for Capricorn Horoscope 2020

You may take interest in carrying out religious activities. Helping the needy will give you mental peace. Harmony will prevail in your behaviour, due to which people would like to come closer to you. With the effect of Venus, you will come across good friends. Natives in love will be able to openly express their feelings in front of their partners.

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Going on a journey will prove to be fruitful for Taurus natives, and people who were planning to go on a trip for a long time will get their wishes fulfilled in this duration. This house represents the ups and downs in life. Due to the influence of this transit, there may be a rise in your ego, which will lead to you behaving rudely with your closed ones and hurting them with your words. Therefore, you are advised to think before speaking and evaluate the effects of your words on others. During this time, you will become sensually active, which will affect your concentration power.

If you wish to gain rewarding results, then you will have to work hard. Put in your efforts to fulfil your dreams and make the most of this opportunity.

This Month

Time will be good on the familial front, and you will be able to give time to your parents also. Also, you can share something important about your life with your parents. In order to improve it, one can meditate or take the aid of yoga. Seventh house will be occupied by the planet Venus, which is the house of marriage and represents life long partnerships.

This transit will be beneficial for your marital and love life. Where on one hand married natives will spend quality time with their spouses, natives in love, on the other, will propose their respective partners for marriage. Working natives will successfully perform well in their workspace. You will remain devoted towards your work in this duration. You will take steps towards fulfilling your responsibilities, which will make your parents happy.

Saturn Is Now in Capricorn — and It Could Be a MAJOR Astrological Event for You

You need to remain cautious regarding your health, as any health-related problem may arise in the near future. Remember that a healthy body, mind and soul helps your life to the fullest and support others as well. Planet Venus is transiting in your sixth house of enemies, and its placement can bring challenges and obstacles in your life. Hereby, you need to remain cautious during this time.

Your enemies can disguise themselves as friends but they will be pretending all the way and at the end, you will get cheated by them. Working natives may have to face challenges because of their juniors. Misunderstanding with mate or partner could be present, do not allow repressed anger to blow things out of proportion.

Your Monthly Horoscope February Capricorn Sign - Vedic Astro Zone

A mutual understanding should be worked out — looking at the situation with an open mind will be necessary as your understanding seems to be impaired here right now. Changes at your home front could be very marked this month, though loving times with mate will give you some sense of balance.

Time of Venus Transit

In modern astrology, Saturn represents tradition and structure as symbolized by a paternal figure. Your Email Address. Working class people must execute their plannings and strategies rather than just talking about it. You will be able to accomplish the tasks you lined up on time. Since you are entering into the second phase of Sade Sati this year as Saturn is transiting in your moon sign Capricorn from 24 th January , you will experience an increase in your hard work and efforts in order to get the desired output or results. As per the Capricorn Family Horoscope predictions, towards the last quarter of the year, you may visit some religious places with your family and can also organize a huge party or get together with all your family members.

Lots of back and forth communication connected to your line of work could be present, and differences of opinion could result in bottled up anger in you. Trying to resolve differences will be the healthiest course. Surprising news should be expected by the middle of the month, and your intuition should be paid off in decision making.


Contact with siblings or close relatives could be on the agenda for you this month as unexpected news could be reaching you connected to changes that could be mildly beneficial to you but better on the long run. Input and kindness from a friend could be of extreme importance as a desire to take a trip abroad or a faraway place might not be in your best interest and a pleasant time could be very restricted.

Asserting yourself in a matter connected to shared resources could be necessary as someone could be playing with your feelings. Your intuition is very much on target, follow your hunches. Disagreements and restrictions at your home base could create tension that will have to be cleared up for the sake of harmony.

Cooperation will be necessary as certain items seem to be held back bringing a lack of understanding. Your career seems to have been taking off in the right direction but uncertainty is bothering you in regards to money and a compensation matter.

Decan 1 Capricorn 2020 Horoscope

Your Capricorn horoscope is accurate because it is divided into decans. Those born from December 24 to 31 experience these exciting changes February 14 to March 3 – Mars in your decan gives the strength. Horoscope for the month of February Year - Capricorn Sign February Monthly astrology prediction for 12 Capricorn Sign of the Year

Your way of thinking could be erratic this month as innumerable thoughts and ideas will be coming to your mind and could be changing several times going on different directions. Sources of inspiration and genius could be received by you subconsciously.

Your highest beliefs and philosophical outlook could be challenged in an open and harmonious way; looking at things with a clear mind will be the best recourse. Behind the scenes, activities will be surrounding you this month that could bring some confusion to your inner feelings — privacy will be highly desired in order to assimilate and sort out your thoughts. Also stay away from known trouble spots. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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